Privacy Policy

Last Modified May 29 Dec 2022

1. SIMPLY. We promise to NEVER Share your email or ANY of your personal information with any party outside of The My Dreams Project.

2. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US. We value your membership very highly and consider that your privacy is paramount to Your Right to Privacy, which is in fact a Human Right.

5. HELPING OTHERS. We highly recommend to get involved and help others to build their dreams. Please respect any information shared with you by other members. They have trusted you with their dreams and we expect that you maintain that privacy they have entrusted you with.
6. SHARING VIOLATIONS. My Dreams does not tolerate any abusive, offensive, pornography, violence or other unacceptable online behaviour on this membership site. Any incidents found will result in instant cancellation of membership and reporting to the appropriate authorities as needed. My Dreams does not take any responsibility for the behaviour of any members and although we will act in the most rapid and appropriate manner possible to remove any such offensive behaviour from the site, we are unable to monitor each member using this system and therefore accept no liability due to any member actions.
7. ANJOY. My Dreams is established purely for the joy and creation of our members. Please use this site responsibly and help to ensure the global success of this group.
CEO and Founder,
Mike King
My Dreams