We are up and running and now the race is to complete the final setups before the team gets too big.

This does not matter though. First in Best Dressed.

If you want to build a huge team, a founding team, then get started and open your account with the best and freshest user names.

This Application has been over a decade in the making. Waiting for technology to catch up with imagination is always the challenge. But in this case, it was worth the wait.

Finally an application that all on its own enables people to starts building their dreams for real. This is not a fad, whim and definitely not a fake.

This is the REAL DEAL.

The technology has been tested by its founder, Mike King and joined in this experiment have been dozens of personal dreamers, entrepreneurs and business people of all walks of life.

The My Dreams App is here to stay. Just as the keyboard that types the written words, so will your dreams never die.

Now, we have brought them to life. No longer will you be impacted by the bombardments of advertising that crowds your mind and distracts you from the ambitions you so desirously have been aiming for. Now you have a safe place to keep them. To build them and make them a reality, every single second of your life. Awake of sleeping, your dreams will always be working for you.

This is an exciting moment and the change point that you will always look back on but never again look back. It is time to run. This is your life and your dreams are out there in from, waiting for you to claim them.

We will see you on the other side very shortly. Withing minutes your journey to wealth will begin and your secret dream portal ready for you to open the door and your journey begins.

Join the team. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard

The My Dreams App Team


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