Holiday Planning! What Plan? Though sometimes no plan at all is the best way to go!

family holiday planning

I was held up in Florida last month and just kept having to extend. Not a bad place to me stuck in, I am not complaining at all, but the point is I was missing out on a Taiwan Adventure I had been waiting so long to enjoy. Maureen and Liam had already spent time with the family and now just finishing a trip to the mountains. When you get to visit Taiwan one day and see how amazing and epic the mountains are, you will get a feel of what I am talking about.

So it went down a little like this. I just decided to wrap up at a good point and take an adventure across the pacific, into Hong Kong for a night and the next day arrive fresh in Taiwan. I hadn’t seen the guys for about 6 weeks now. I managed to book an insane two rooms in Kaohsiung 85 looking over the harbour and was ready to give them a great surprise. came up with the goods.

So customs in Kaohsiung is not a big deal. About 15 minutes and I was through the gates and into the welcoming zone. Kind or ready for that awesome welcoming party and all the excitement. But, no! I scanned through the crowd and couldn’t find a face that I recognised. Checked my phone, looked up, checked my phone again, starting to feel like a movie star without a paparazzi or fan club.

Checked my phone again and looked up and there they were, two cheeky little fiends giggling at me, standing there looking pretty stupid indeed.

It was all good. The rooms in 85 were amazing. 9 nights, two rooms and about $1,000 US. This is the view.

Family Kaohsiung Holiday
Kaohsiung Holiday

We had some crazy times for the next few days riding bikes across the city, sleeping in, staying up late.

Talking about staying up late, I am gonna continue this tomorrow. Too much fun to share into one blog. We even squeezed in a trip to the island. Two nights of total getaway. Holiday Planning…

11:55pm. Big week, so will keep the ethics in and get a good sleep.

Tomorrow I will put up a video of the fun I promise.

This is how you plan a holiday. Crazy fun, just point yourself in the right direction and no plan at all. This is the Dream Holiday I crave for.


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