The My Dreams Academy

I NEVER thought it would be back to school. But this is different. Come and jump in the Academy. The school of hard knocks. The attainment of your Dreams and Ambitions. See you in there.   

My biggest dream for the future

Create Your Dreams

This is my biggest dream for the future. Would you like to see the inside battle plan, my biggest dream for the future and roll out strategy of My Dreams? Where are we heading with this project? What does the Ideal Scene look like? I am going to illustrate what I have envisioned for this tool and […]

My Dreams for the Future

My Dreams for the Future! Leading into the next 12 months a question to ask ourselves could be “What are my dreams for the future ?” Possibly Money, Wealth, Success, Happiness….. It is so easy for another year to slip right on by as we go about our day to day, week to week routines. […]

Time spent on the back end

Our New Home Page

Hi Guys. The last month has been valuable time spent on the back end with the correction of the footer behaviour and a few other formatting tweaks. I also was able to find time to clean up the outdated post and send them to archive. After a little update education into site structure, I have […]

Be Heard. Be Alive

From the CEO, Mike King. If you are a Dreamer, then we need you on board. My Dreams, Your Dreams. There is nothing more important.

Your Dreams 2021

Visualising your dreams is the most natural and in fact survival practice any big achiever can ever do. Do it daily and become good at it. Your future depends on it. When you look into your dreams, your dreams for the future, what do you see? This is a beautiful dream. Clear Water, Peace, Privacy […]

Why Dream Builder

Wow! If I knew how may hurdles and hoops I have had to jump through to bring the Dream Builder into existence, I may have taken a second thought about heading down this track. But it is real and will become a reality in the near future. Originally I envisioned this as a platform that […]