Chasing Dreams

Always Chasing Dreams is our Motto!

It all started as Dam Busters about 9 years ago really!

Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams
We are ALWAYS Chasing Our Dreams.

I never realised how important that trip to Stanwell was going to be all that time ago. I know it was important for us to get away for a week together and to just book a little beach house and get out of here. But what occurred out of that trip was quite a phenomena.

Behind us you can see the North Creek at Stanwell Park Beach just South of Sydney. Nine years ago the sand was all damed up, as if does on a continuous cycle and we busted the dam on that day.

Maureen, myself and our youngest boy Liam Ray King were roll playing out the Dam Busters. Maureen filmed the whole thing and we have a really great time.

That night I took the video and made my first home made production using Windows Movie Maker and just parked it there on my laptop. Some time after that, I created a YouTube Channel and uploaded The Dam Busters. Thought is would be great to have online and to be able to share it with friends. But pretty well forgot about it after that.

Never underestimate what can happen when chasing your dreams.

Some time later, possibly a year, I check the video for some reason and found that it had received over 60,000 views. I was like “How! Hey Guys. Come and check this out. The Dam Busters has gone Viral.”

I think to date the views are up to about 4 Million Plus and over 4,000 Subscribers.

Check it out here and also check out Liam’s channel. He has continued to do a lot of work on it over the following years with some great fun production. Also some very cool YouTube Partner Payment to his account that came in handing a few time. The latest ones still arriving in direct payments.

See The Dam Busters Here!

Join Liam Ray King and the Dam Busters.
Creating the Dam Busters with Liam Ray King was a great start of this whole adventure.

The three of us have continued to set high targets for ourselves and are always chasing out dreams. 2021 is going to be a great one. Why? Because we have already laid it all out.

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May you never be the same again.

I am Mike King

Founder of the My Dreams App!