My Dreams has been the culmination of three decades development. Since the day that IBM dropped a 10MB Hard Drive into our desk top computers, the world of office and home computing would never be the same.

Through the personal insight into so many companies at the age of only 18, I experienced one of the most extraordinary and in fact privileged time of my life. Working directly with so many business owners that somehow considered me to be a computer genius.

Little did they know my father handed me a simple Lotus and D Base II for Dummies book and away I went.

Through this I found one common denominator through all companies service. Each of these company owners were building businesses to support their dreams and ambitions. Many with more that just personal goals with strong activity in the community and proud contribution to charitable causes.

Of course many having yearning for travel, quality of life and financial freedom.

But what was the common denominator of them all?

This was a simple answer and I feel that at that time I was young enough and clever enough to observe this.

The Common Denominator or each and every one of these business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries in their own field were that that had burning very strongly their personal dreams. All of their actions revolved around what they were achieving in their lives and how the success of their business could help them achieve this.

This is how the Dream Builder Pro Software finally completed development and was almost three decades finally brought to the market. The Dream Builder Software, a platform and private portal in which though who have not yet had their life dreams squashed could now have a private location in which they could envision, plan out and move forward to achieve their dreams for real.

The huge membership of this software and large number of successful applications coming off from its application showed that we had the stable and workable platform to help individuals and teams bring it of.

That is the attainment of ones goals.

And yes, that definitely included myself, being the Number 1 Guinea Pig for this test period.

The result, it is a PASS. I will brag about my achievements in later articles. 10X what I ever imagined and now I am remodeling myself once again from a new view to see where this adventure can take me.

So why the My Dreams App?

Well! Once again, we hit a ceiling. How to give the members from around the world to overcome what has been surveyed as the Number 1 Barriers to the achievement of our Dreams.


The Technology has finally caught up with Imagination. The My Dreams App is the platform in which you can envision, plan out and achieve your dreams. But with this one main barrier finally solved.

We have worked out how to profit share to all of our members. We want you to be a success and while you are taking that trip to Bali surfing some of the best waves on the planet, not to be thinking of the money worries that are so destructive to the fun we all deserve,

As a Member of My Dreams App, on top of use of the Dream Builder Software, you also have the ability to profit from the sale off all products on our Power Store. Yes, this Power Store is yours also.

But there is an exponential power in being a member of this team in that we strongly reward you for inviting others to join us. All that you have to do is share your personal Affiliate Link with anyone your know, or don’t even know at all, through emails, twitter, facebook, instagram or any sharing platform you can think of.

Hey! Just send it on a TXT. Super effective way to invite someone to come on board.

You can now have a team in any country across the globe. You buddy you introduce from work, introduced to his aunt in Peru, then she brings her cousins in Mexico on board and hey, you can see where we are going here. You now have a Global Team.

And yes, you will be rewarded from any sales, anywhere from the team that you created.

You will even receive Cash Backs on your own purchases.

How Good Is That?

OK. Get started and in the members areas you will be taken through the full tutorial training and provided with all of the marketing tools you require.

See you on the Other Side.

The My Dreams App Team

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